Sunday, December 8, 2013

Not Another Christmas Letter

No smash, Hulk!
Christmas is in full swing around here. We're baking cookies, counting down the days on our advent calendar and trying to keep superheroes out of the manger scene. 

I'm also in the process of sending out Christmas cards.

In an age dominated by digital greetings there is just something extra special about sending and receiving cards in the mail. My boys love running to the mailbox in search of Christmas cards each day. We display them on the back of our front door and it's kind of like our friends and family are right here with us, celebrating alongside us every day (in a cheery, non-creepy way, of course).

Despite several attempts by our children to thwart our family pictures this year, we did manage to get ONE successful photo for our Christmas card. And by "successful" I mean that everyone is looking and no one is crying.

I thought about sending one of those Christmas letters as well to update everyone on our year, but thanks to the magic of social media, the fact that you're reading this implies that you're pretty well caught up already.

So instead, I whipped up a little quiz to see how well you've been paying attention. Once a teacher, always a teacher, you know. And, in true elementary-school teacher fashion, I am giving away a prize for top scores!

If you answer all questions correctly, you win a lovely evening on your own with these 3 children:
Yes, this WILL happen if you attempt to use the restroom.


1. The Hargetts, in 2013:
    a) were written up extensively in "Parenting Magazine"
    b) had a baby and bought a minivan
    c) arrived embarrassingly late for church every Sunday 
    d) B and C only

2. Our family, having a passion for travel, 
    a) spent the summer abroad in Copenhagen 
    b) visited museums and monuments for a week in DC
    c) took an invigorating walk around the loop at Country Park
    d) drove around the block

3. Jack, our boisterous 4-year-old, has spent the year:
    a) rejecting vegetables in any form
    b) fighting bedtime 
    c) perfecting his ninja moves
    d) doing all of the above while wearing a superhero costume

4. Henry, our precocious 2-year-old with a tendency to snack on the inedible, has:
     a) eaten a tube of red lipstick
     b) eaten a piece of goose poop
     c) eaten his sister's umbilical cord
     d) eaten all of the above

5. Sweet Elise joined our family on March 15th of this year. At almost 9 months old she
     a) can recite the pledge of allegiance 
     b) just learned to clap
     c) owns 47 hairbows
     d) is our favorite child

5. Anna, domestic goddess extraordinaire, has 
     a) changed approximately 3,000 diapers
     b) taken 3 showers
     c) eaten every meal over the kitchen sink
     d) did all of the above without once complaining or posting snarky comments to Facebook

6. John turned 40 this year and his wife thinks he's more handsome than ever! This year he
     a) changed approximately 5 diapers
     b) singlehandedly tackled our mountain of laundry each week
     c) was selected as "Mr. October" for the Men of Greensboro Calendar
     d) wants you to know that the answer is 'B'. He really does do all the laundry.

8. During our annual family beach trip we
     a) worked on our tans and read stacks of novels while the children frolicked in the waves
     b) chartered a boat for a deep-sea fishing expedition 
     c) checked out all the hottest night clubs
     d) spent most of our time trying to keep sand out of places it does not belong: the snacks, the bedsheets, Henry's mouth, tiny bottoms, etc.   

9. In our spare time, we
     a) read classic 19th century literature which we discuss around the dinner table
     b) handcraft custom cabinetry from reclaimed barn wood
     c) watch tv
     d) rehearse Italian operettas on the back porch

10. Our hopes and wishes for 2014 include
     a) another baby
     b) an uninterrupted night's sleep
     c) peace on earth...or at least in the bathroom
     d) another year of your continued friendship!

Are you done? Ok, let me see your answers.

Well, look at that, you got them ALL CORRECT!
Congratulations! Please comment below with evening of your choice to claim your prize.

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