Wednesday, April 16, 2014

26.2 Miles and a Heck of a lot of Cupcakes

You wanna know something funny? I don't really like cupcakes. And I really don't like running.

Yet somehow, this weekend, I found myself at a marathon, up to my elbows in baked goods and loving it!

No, I did not suddenly develop a sweet tooth or a desire to run for fun, but this weekend definitely cemented my love, love, love for Sixty Feet.

The real rock stars of the weekend.
This weekend, at the Raleigh Rock n Roll Marathon, I finally got the chance to meet some of my virtual Sixty Feet friends in real life and you know what? They are amazing!

They raced, they fundraised, and they shared over and over with every person who asked about the giant 60 on the bright orange shirts. And they did it all for the least of these.

Overall, Team Sixty Feet raised over $32,000 for imprisoned children in Uganda.

And what did I do at the marathon? I had the very best job of all.

I sat under a shady tent with one of my best friends and handed out free cupcakes to anyone who wandered by.

Nothing says happiness like the look on someone's face when you tell them the cupcake is free.

"Yes, they really are free! We are an offical charity of the marathon and we are giving out cupcakes to raise awareness about our organization." And then they are so happy that they linger around our booth listening all about our mission to bring hope and restoration to the imprisioned children of Uganda. Some even gave donations before heading back into the crowd.

Personally, Kaylyn and I raised $2,530 through our fundraising page, all thanks to friends like YOU.

Friends, we are humbled by your generosity. I'm trying really hard not to come off corny and #seriouslysoblessed right now, but Seriously. We are SO BLESSED to have you in our lives. Thank you for letting us share our hearts and this organization with you!

To show our gratitude, we would love to give you a delicious, virtual cupcake.

And guess what?

It's FREE!  ;)

Free cupcakes! Happy day!

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