Sunday, August 3, 2014

So What Do You Do All Day?

A pair of big blue eyes peek over the side of the bed at me. Disheveled tufts of blond hair poke in all directions. "Mommy. I want pancakes. And dip."

It's how my day usually starts, normally around 7:30am. After hearing some horror stories from friends about their 5am risers, I am grateful we seemed to pass on the sleep-in gene to our children. Because anytime after 7am is definitely sleeping in for the preschool set.

I constantly scold myself that I should get up an hour or so before the kids, to shower, make preparations for the day or just to soak in some quiet solitude. I should get up, but in the battle between shower and sleep, sleep ALWAYS wins.

So I usually begin my day already feeling a tad bit behind.

When I quit my job to stay home with my first child, I had a friend ask me about my new life as a stay-at-home-mom. "So, what do you do all day?" she curiously asked.

She wasn't being rude and I wasn't offended. She was a working mom with a full-time job and I often wondered how she managed to cram all of her responsibilites in a 24 hour period.

So one day this summer, inspired by other bloggers' "Day in the Life" posts, I documented our day with my iPhone.

This is what I do all day.

Spoiler alert: It's not glamorous. It's not even exciting. But it's never dull. And it's always a bit messy.
Day in the Life: Summer 2014
Jack (almost 5)
Henry (2.5)
Elise (16 months)

On this particular morning, John took our 4-year-old out for some "Daddy/Jack time." They went to McDonald's for breakfast (Jack's choice) and our son was quite disappointed to discover that they do not serve chicken nuggets at 8:00am. He cheered up when John pointed out that they do serve Sprite.

And I wonder why they think Daddy is the fun one.

I bet you'll never guess their favorite baseball team.
John has a job that requires him to work long hours, mostly evenings. He is usually around in the mornings though and he always makes the best of the time he has with us.

We didn't have any pressing errands to run that morning, so I straightened up one room while Henry and Elise destroyed another. And then we switched.

After getting the kids ready, I attempted to take my bi-weekly shower. Ok, ok, I take more than 2 showers a week. Sometimes I take 3.
And now I'm really cursing my self for not doing this before she woke up!

I finally managed to distract Elise with some toys. And by "toys" I mean all my hair accessories under my sink.


I finally wrangled the kids outside to avoid any other mishaps. Jack and Daddy returned from their morning adventure and John headed off to work.

I forgot to take pictures at lunch, but it went something like this:

Me: What do you guys want for lunch? (BIG MISTAKE)



Elise: GAH BAH GAH!!

Me: Oh, actually, all we have is peanut butter.


Me: What if I cut the peanut butter sandwich into chicken nugget shapes?

Kids: OK!!

Then, naptime. Glorious naptime.
Yes, there is an actual child in that crib. No, I did not put him to bed like that.

Shortly after naptime THIS happened. NAIL POLISH. EVERYWHERE.

OH...MY...I JUST...I CAN'T...I DON'T EVEN...!!!

Elise knocked a bottle of nail polish off the bathroom sink and it shattered on the tile. So much for my bath mats. So much for my bathROOM.

I wiped up what I could, but quick-dry polish is NO JOKE. Nail polish remover was not even making a dent. This mess was going to take HOURS to clean up. So I did the only thing I could think of...

I took a picture and stuck it on Facebook. My favorite caption suggestion: COVER(your floor)GIRL. (Thanks +Stephanie Wheeler !)

COVER(your floor)GIRL

Then I left the mess, threw the kids in the car and picked up some take-out.

We opted for a picnic on the front lawn because it's summer and you're supposed to have picnics in summer. And also because our house smelled a little like a nail salon.

Upside of a picnic: easy clean-up. 
Downside: instead of getting up from the kitchen table 19 times, I run in and out of the house 19 times. 

And then, after baths and jammies, Daddy came home.
I put the baby to bed around 8:00pm and began BATHROOM CLEAN-UP 2014

I think I may have found the one task that is even more frustrating than putting the boys to bed.

I could hear John in the next room, attempting to tuck the boys in for the night.
"Daddy, I want water. Cold water. With ice."
"Daddy, you forgot to say prayers!"
"Daddy, I want MOOOOMMY!"
"Daddy, why is pee pee yellow? I wish mine was orange."

Finally, FINALLY, as midnight approached, our floor was white again. As long as you don't look too close.

And I was finally, FINALLY off to bed. 

I needed to get some rest.

I had another perfectly messy, beautifully ordinary day ahead of me tomorrow.


  1. The nail polish incident - OY! The worst! Especially doing that on top of a long day.

    Love reading days of moms with 3 kids.

    And that take out looks fabulous! I find the idea of loading kids and going to a restaurant too exhausting most times which is a reallllly good thing for our budget. Also good that our drive through options are extremely limited by me for the same reason :)

    Thanks for participating!!

  2. You guys looked so cute having your picnic on the front lawn. That is not something we'd attempt in the south in summer b/c the critters would be feasting on us. Also, our grass is not nearly as nice as yours.

    The nail polish mess would be my worst nightmare but you made the most of it. I am also a believer in posting the mishaps on FB or IG so I can at least have some fun with it.

    I remember having 3 kids under 4 -- fun times!

  3. oh no the nail polish!! I dropped a bottle of mine back in jr high in the school bathroom...the one they just built. I'm pretty sure at the time I didn't give a second thought to how much of a pain that must of been to clean up. oops. I think I will be storing mine much higher now, thanks for the warning...
    And you are right, summer is a time for picnics! I want to have one. Even nicer than my one and only will stay in her portable high chair.
    The pic of the littlest with the tube of lotion/makeup/etc is too cute. And super hero/masked/cape wearing dad is hilarious! Way to go dad!

  4. your kids are super, super cute!

    nail polish crime scene - I have to admit I laughed, but I felt your pain too on the Great Bathroom Clean Up of 2014!

  5. Love your bathroom tile, first of all. Didn't love how much one on one time you got with the tile this day. Sheesh.

    Your kiddos are so cute! And Hiiii fellow North Carolinian! I'm adding you to my reader since I just got sucked in for the last 20 minutes. ;)

  6. It is pretty amazing how you cleaned these tiles! You are gooood! :)

    Your family is so beautiful! Congrats!

  7. Clicking over from the DITL link-up ...

    Cute family! You guys looks adorable sitting in the front lawn during your evening picnic. Although, I echo your sentiment about the constant trips in and out readying for the picnic and cleaning it all up. It sounds like the best summertime idea, but I can't handle adding more steps to an already hectic part of my day. Props to you!

    And, on my goodness, the nail polish! Eek! Glad you got it all cleaned up ... finally. :)

  8. This was great! Except that nail polish part - that really sucked.

  9. I LOVE this! Especially the 5th picture right after you've tidied up a room. Kiddos & pillows everywhere! :)

  10. Oh. my. gosh. The nail polish! Yikes! I'm impressed with how well you managed to get it cleaned up though!
    I love reading DITL posts from other moms with 3 kids - it's a chaos that only a fellow moms of three can truly understand, haha! Our kids are smilier in age, my oldest will be 5 at the end of the month, then I have a 3 year old and 15 month old.
    Thanks for sharing your day :)

  11. Yes, the oh so favorite "what do you DO all day?" questions. I know they mean well, but I really feel like I work harder now than I did when I had a job outside if the house. Well, maybe just different.

    Anyway, yes, it's a lot of work...even when the (gorgeous tile!) bathroom floor isn't covered in nail polish. Seriously...eek! That looked disastrous!

    How fun to have a picnic outside in the front yard. And, that takeout looks delicious!

  12. Clicking over from the DITL link up....

    Oh boy that nail polish spill looked like no joke! Sorry you had to clean that up but your bathroom floor looks clean and white again!

    What a cute picnic in the yard. Your kids are adorable!