Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Little Love's Language

This is my Little Love.

He doesn't say a lot, but it's evident he has an older brother when his limited vocabulary includes words like "burp," "Spiderman" and "McDonald's."

He doesn't say a lot, but when he does speak, it is a language all his own.

"Back-a-bee" somehow means "pacifier"

"Shay-she" is his word for "blanket"

"Cah-co" obviously translates to "ice cream sandwich." (Yes, my 20-month-old cannot say his own name, but you’d better believe he’ll communicate for McDonald’s and ice cream sandwiches.)

I'm not fluent in Henry, but I know enough to get around. 

Tonight my little love, lashes drooping, crawled into my lap with shay-she in hand. "Mama! Back-a-bee?"

"Yes, Sweetie, here is your paci."

He snuggled into my shoulder for a minute, then sat straight up. He popped out his beloved paci, pointed to his lips and exclaimed, "Mama! Moo!"

"Umm...A cow says 'Moo'?"

"Mama!" he insisted, pressing his lips with more intensity, "Moo! Moooooo!"

"You want a kiss?"

"Ya! Ya! Ya!"

I happily obliged and before he replaced the paci he gave me a little grin and said, "La la lu!" 

La la lu too, Sweet Boy. La la lu too.

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  1. What a sweet little face! Brings me back to when my kids had their own special words for stuff :) Love your blog, girl!