Friday, August 16, 2013

Rock City: My Kind of Hiking

I’m an “indoorsy” kinda girl. Lucky for me, my husband tends to avoid excessive amounts of nature as well. We’ve never been camping or rock climbing. We generally opt out of activities that cause one to get dirty and bug-bitten. The most outdoorsy thing we do is eat dinner on our screened in porch.

A few weeks ago, on a trip to Nini and Pop’s, my mother suggested a family hiking trip one morning. Understandably, I was not enthused. Nini, being rather indoorsy herself, explained that Rock City is a paved walking path you can easily hike in flip flops and a cute top. Plus, you can take your Starbucks.

Yes, amongst the trees and ancient rock formations and all the nature stands a lone Starbucks.

One mocha light Frappuccino, please! This is my kind of hiking.

 Rock City, located on top of Lookout Mountain in Georgia, combines the perfect amount of kitsch and charm as you hike the (paved!) woodland path through enchanted gardens and caverns. Lovers Leap, the pinnacle of the hike, offers a breathtaking panoramic view of seven states.

Jack & Nini on top of Lover's Leap

7 States: TN, KY, VA, NC, SC, GA, AL

Sweet Henry was enthralled. He poked his head in every cavern and investigated each crack in the rocks. He chased butterflies, squealed at the 100-foot waterfall and bounced along the swinging  bridge.

Jack, on the other hand, may be taking after his parents. When I asked him if he had a good time at Rock City he promptly replied, “Yes, but it’s not as fun as the mall.”

Here are a few more photos from our "hike":

Spending time with my grandparents.
I am blessed that my children are so close to their great-grandparents!


  1. um....this is hysterical!!! i didn't realize you were so "outdoors-averse"- and that it was genetic! Glad you enjoyed "Seeing Rock City"!

  2. Perfect, awesome place for hiking with kids! Thanks for sharing, love the photos.