Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ducks & Firetrucks: The Story of a Lazy Friday

Today the sun came up on on this cool, crisp October Friday and we had nothing to do and nowhere to be.  The day was ours for the taking.

Naturally, we began with some cuddly cartoon watching in the big bed.

As a stay-at-home mom I have no deadlines to meet, no bosses to please, no clients to manage. I do have time. Lots and lots of time. Not time to myself, mind you, but time that is often filled with the monotony of diaper changing, grilled cheese making and face wiping, among other things.

I generally like to plan different activities to break up the tedium and keep the kids busy. Lately, though, as I see Kindergarten looming on the horizon, I realize our long, slow days are numbered and these lazy, wide-open hours are gradually becoming my favorite way to spend time with them. 

What should we do today? Play outside? Bake cookies? 
How about a trip to the fire station?

We packed up some cookies...
...grabbed some friends...
...a few more friends...
...and hit the road!

(sorry, Sweetie. in a few years we'll force the boys to go to the ballet)

Aren't firemen the BEST? I find it difficult to think of any other profession that not only welcomes small children unannounced, but will encourage them to climb all over their workspace and give them free stickers and treats!

(Then again, other professions aren't nearly as popular to the preschool crowd. I highly doubt many law firms find groups of little children at their door dressed as tiny attorneys and wanting a tour of the cubicles.)

Later, after lunch and rest time, we squeezed in a visit to the duck pond behind our house. 

Jack threw corn...
...Henry threw rocks. Or so I thought. Upon further inspection I discovered it was actually poop.

Elise enjoyed the excursion from my back.
She is literally along for the ride.

Storybook Ending: Then we all sat by the pond and watched the sunset, after which my children (who somehow managed to remain perfectly neat and clean) headed back home and happily scampered off to bed. 


Real-Life Ending: On our walk back home, Jack gathered quite a collection of feathers which he secretly stashed in his shirt pocket. He then locked himself in the bathroom, stopped up the sink and began an assembly line of feather-washing, making sure to use my scented handsoap and guest towels. "But Mommy, I'm making a surprise for you!" Yes, thank-you, Honey, I was quite surprised.

Real-life Mommy. 
There is a trail of green goose poop across the family room carpet and my bathroom is covered in disease-infested duck feathers, but I have 2 giggling little boys, now in their jammies, reenacting today's adventures. "Henry, you get on top of the couch and pretend it's your house on fire. I'm going to drive in my fire truck to come rescue you. Now say 'Help! Help!"

It's bedtime and Mommy is exhausted and the kids are clearly NOT, but we all must get some sleep. 

Who knows what adventures we may find tomorrow? 

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