Friday, October 4, 2013


Once upon a time I went to college. I learned a lot of stuff. I created complicated graphs on the computer, participated in intellectual discussions about the universe and read really, really thick books written by people who died a long, long time ago. I don't do those things anymore.

They say that having children kills brain cells and it must be true because today, while my kids were coloring, I asked someone to pass me "that thing with the cap on it that writes." You know, a marker. 

I wondered what kind of information overload was happening in my brain to cause me to forget the word "marker." So I decided to dust off my old collegiate knowledge and put it to good use.

While my kids did their coloring, I made a graph.

No, my percentages do not add up to 100.
Obviously all this Mommy knowledge leaves no room for mathematical computations. Duh. 

That was fun. I made some more.

When this occurs, you have two options:
1. Endure an epic meltdown
2. Send your child to school with remnants of last night's dinner on his shirt
(I have done both.)

Well, I guess that degree was worth it after all. 

Of course, if I were in college all these graphs would be perfectly typed and neatly arranged with the use of some high-tech computer program. But today I'll have to settle for the backside of a preschool newsletter and some "things with caps on them that write."


  1. Haha. yes I can relate. To all of the above, and to your sentiments about your college education. I even used that last one to illustrate my blog today :)

  2. I am really loving your blog! I found you by way of the Momastery site, and I've read several of your posts. Love it, and I can totally relate! (Especially the outfits for the 4 year old. SERIOUSLY.)


    1. Thanks Emily! And your blog is SO interesting, by the way! It's hard enough raising small children at home, much less in a foreign country!