Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Much Needed Snow Day

It snowed today. It snowed and snowed and snowed until Look, Mommy, there's no more green! And the children watched mesmerized as fluffy layer and crunchy layer alternately blanketed the ground. At nearly 6 inches, it was the most snow they had ever seen in their lives. They were thrilled.

Even the ducks behind our house seemed to welcome the coat of snow on their backs as they lounged on the frozen pond.

Only the mommy stared dubiously out the window, facing the reality of no school, no regularly scheduled activities and especially sad, no date night tonight. I hadn't even thought to look up snow day activities on Pinterest. This was going to be a looooong day.

I leaned over to my husband and whispered, "Please don't go to work and leave me with these children."

And you know what? Today, on our snow day, he stayed home with us.

John has a demanding job and often works long hours. The kids look forward to his days off with the same anticipation usually reserved for holidays (ok, and Mommy does too), but even days off are usually cluttered with an appointment here, a birthday party there, or some other type of obligation. I honestly can't remember the last time we had a lazy day at home with absolutely nothing on the agenda.

I've decided we need to have lazy days more often.
Batman stopped by to make sure we were alright. We told him no worries, Daddy's home today!
Somehow, even with both parents gathering mittens and extra socks and boots, it still took approximately 52 hours to get everyone ready to go play in the snow. But today there was no Where are your shoes? I've told you 5 times to put them on!!! or No, we DO NOT have time to find the orange paci, we are already late!!! because we had all day. You don't have to make an appointment to play in the snow. 

One time I filled out a questionnaire that asked, "What is your favorite family activity?" I answered, "Watching my kids play with their dad." 

Today, on our snow day, my favorite family activity happened.

While John played with the kids I attempted to take some artsy, snowy nature photos...

...but I got distracted.

What icy tree can compare to these handsome guys??

Even Baby Elise has become a daddy's girl. Today, on our snow day, she raised her arms to her father and loudly announced her first word, "DA!!" 

(Good, I told her, that's exactly what you need to call out when you wake up at 2am)

Sometimes we get exactly what we need in the most unexpected ways. 

Tomorrow I will be ready for regularly scheduled life to resume, but not today. 

Today was a much needed snow day.

Date night, shmate night, we've got a snow day!

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